02/12/2016 - 14:00

They Turn Themselves Over to Police and Pose After Homophobic Attack

Four men, who attacked social media phenomenon Kerimcan Durmaz in Samsun, have posed to journalists with their forefingers up in the air as giving themselves over to the police.

Kerimcan Durmaz was subjected to the attack in a mall in Samsun where he went for djing on November 30, according to news agencies.

Durmaz had said that no attack took place against himself and he sprained his leg while was running in panic. It was alleged in media that a group of 10-15 people attacked Durmaz, a friend of Durmaz and his assistant.

Going to the hospital where Durmaz is receiving treatment, his mother said “Kerimcan’s condition is fine. He will be kept under observation today. There is no problem. It is not true that ‘he was beaten’. There is no damage on his face”.

The aggressors: They have turned our youngsters into fag

Going to Samsun Irmak Police Station today (December 2), men named G.A., D.B., U.D. and K.K turned themselves over to the police as perpetrators of the attack.

Taken into Samsun Education and Research Hospital for treatment, the four men posed to cameras with their forefingers up in the air meaning “Witnessing oneness of Allah” as being taken out of the station.

“We are calling on the technology monsters. They may have everything of the state but they can’t have Turkish youth. One-eyed demon shall know this. They have turned our youngsters into fag. May everybody know this”.

Singers Gülşen and Berkay cancelled their concerts in reaction against the attack.

About Kerimcan Durmaz

Born in Balıkesir in 1994, Durmaz worked as make-up artist in Baku for a while. Known in public with his Snapchat and Instagram sharings, Durmaz lives in İstanbul works as a DJ. (ÇT/TK)

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