05/12/2016 - 14:00

Turkey Becomes Europe’s 12th Most Expensive Country in Gasoline


Rise in oil prices as a result of US dollar gaining value against Turkish Lira has brought gasoline price hike.

Fuel dispenser companies gave a 15 lira raise to gasoline per liter and 16 lira to diesel per liter, which has made Turkey the Europe's 12th most expensive country in gasoline.

Subsequent to the increase to be in effect as of this night, the gasoline prices will exceed 5 liras again after 2.5 years.

The fuel dispenser companies had given a 16 lira raise to gasoline and 11 lira to diesel on November 22, Tuesday.

As these two hikes are taken into consideration, cost of a 50-liter tankage has shown an increase of 15.5 liras in gasoline-powered vehicles and 13.5 liras in diesel-powered vehicle.

The prices set by the dispenser companies differ from city to city due to competition and free market conditions. (EKN/TK)

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