16/02/2017 - 14:00

The Film ‘Last Schnitzel’ Censored

Kaan Arıcı and İsmet Kurtuluş, directors of the short film The Last Schnitzel have announced that the film would therefore not take place in !f İstanbul Independent Film Festival.

Arıcı and Kurtuluş in their written statement said that the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in its response to the directors' application to the Application Registration Form requested that certain scenes be taken out of the film and the revised film should be re-submitted to the board for evaluation.

The directors responded that the requested changes would be undertaken.

Therefore the film in which Haluk Bilginer and Serkan Keskin shared the leading roles will not be showcasted in !f İstanbul Independent Film Festival and probably in other film festivals either.

Likewise, the films Dersim 38 and Berivan (2011) as well as Bakur (2015) were not granted permission and the Application Registration Form was wielded as an instrument of censorship. (YY/DG)

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