15/01/2018 - 08:00

Youth Unemployment on Decrease, Women Employment Increases

Turkish Statistical Institute has announced unemployment stats of October 2017.

According to the stats, the unemployment rate marked 10.3% in October with a decrease of 1.5 points. The figure was 10.6% in September.

The number of employed people above 15 years old became 3 million 287 thousand people with a decrease of 360 thousand people.

Rate of employment

Rate of employment marked 53.1% seeing an increase of 0.7 points compared to the same period of previous year.

According to the comparisons within the same period, rate of men employment became 72.4% increasing by 0.3 points; women employment became 34.2% increasing by 1.1 points.

Youth unemployment is on decrease

In the period of October 2017, the non-agricultural unemployment rate was estimated 12.3% with a 1.8 points of increase.

The rate of unemployment in youth population (15-24) became 19.3% decreasing by 1.9 points. This figure marked 10.5% in 15-64 age group with a decrease of 1.5 points. (TP/TK)

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