15/01/2018 - 09:00

Özçelik to Whom Minister Offered Money Instead of Solution Loses Her Life

Lymphoma cancer patient Dilek Özçelik, who had turned down Minister of Environment and Urbanization Erdoğan Bayraktar handing her money during his visit upon Özçelik asking for help for anticancer drugs, has lost her life. Özçelik had said “I am not a beggar” as she refused Bayraktar’s offer.

Özçelik, who was a student at the Department of English Teaching at Trakya University, asked for help in Edirne where Bayraktar came as part of his visit to Tracey on April 15, 2013.

Putting money in Özçelik’s pocket, Minister Bayraktar said, “There is plenty of money there, may she not drop them out of her pocket” and entered a mosque to perform prayer.

Intercepting Bayraktar as he left the mosque, Dilek Özçelik saying “I am not a beggar. I feel disappointed once again about humanity. I see that you have never experiences despair in your life” returned the money and left in tears.

Özçelik lost her life in the hospital despite all the efforts.

Bayraktar is having a mosque constructed for 65 million liras

Bayraktar is having a mosque of 20 thousand people to resemble Taj Mahal constructed in his hometown Trabzon.

Construction of the mosque has been undertaken by Trabzon Alemdar Mosque Construction and Support Foundation of which Bayraktar is the founder and honorary president.

Former minister’s son Oğuz Bayraktar was detained during December 17-25 corruption operation. (EKN/TK)

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